Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thoughts while watching the Sink Channel

I don't watch a lot of TV. I haven't seen more than about five minutes of broadcast news this month and I don't subscribe to cable. I suppose the habit came from a snooty moral high-horse a long time ago, but my love for watching televised sports eventually shot a hole in my ideological critique of mass communication. Now I just fess up to being too damn busy to spend more than an hour or so a week on my couch. I like other leisure stuff better, including growing flowers, rehabbing the house, playing with my kid, reading books, and writing my blog. So, no insightful analyses of the hurricane coverage from me, I'm afraid, unless you want the general observation that the drama of the Superdome makes for better film than the wind blowing through the rubble of Gulfport.

I do, however, do a lot of dishes...which my kid calls "watching the Sink Channel." I've been thinking lately, as I go on about my regularly scheduled life (taking my kid to the Y, teaching, doing errands, washing dishes), if maybe that's why I don't think like most of my fellow citizens. Am I just getting different information? Do I just spend more time mulling that information as I'm washing the car by hand than the guy down the street who whips his SUV through the carwash?
Is silence a civic good?

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imfunnytoo said...

Any time that anyone spends away from the box is a good thing. It stops propaganda from becoming too entrenched. (And I say that as a TV watcher.

Just got my cable down to next to nuthin, so I'll be learning how that goes.

More trips to the library and the park :)