Thursday, September 29, 2005

Five ways I'm not like Jo(e)...and five ways that I am....

To celebrate the differences, to honor the commonalities:

Five ways I'm not like Jo(e):

1) The thought of myself bellydancing makes me giggle. Never have tried it.

2) I talk a good nature girl game, but right now I live in the middle of a thickly congested downtown.

3) My best friends live thousands of miles away and although I "meet up" with their digital incarnations
frequently, we haven't had lunch in a dog's age.

4) I've never been on a retreat. Or a white-water rafting trip. Or on a sinuous road up the Pacific coast,
carsick all the way. Or a Cubs game.

5) I've got a very small nuclear family, with one member currently off fighting the war on stupid at an undisclosed location in the U.S. South.

Five ways that I am...

1) I have a huge extended family and most of them have lived in the same small rurality and even the same small area in
the small rurality for almost two centuries. My sense of place and family is unusual and precious and like Jo(e), that gives
me a different perspective on things.

2) I notice small things, like when the poison ivy turns colors, and I like to share that with the kid. Like Jo(e),
I treasure the gifts of the day and I think they get better when I pass them around.

3) I pick up kids like the Pied Piper, possibly because I have a whimsical nature and can hold up my end of a
conversation about forest fairies.

4) I love words and I love to write.

5) It's not the teaching I like so much as the watching us all learn.

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jo(e) said...

Hey, you know me better than I thought. It's especially cool to read the things we have in common.