Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Conjugal visit

Husband's coming home from Dixie tonight. Four whole days of familyhood, learning how we've changed as a result of our separation from each other, sleeping close in the cooling fall nights that he misses so much, a much-deferred lunch date,
a walk in the apple orchard with our kid. I can only compare this anticipation to childhood Christmas. Kid and I have been making up songs as we have counted down the days, singing another silly verse every night.

Many people ask me why he's in Dixie, as though professors would never need to take a job for the money. They wonder
if we're perhaps estranged and this is easier for me to say than "we're separated." I've been telling people that his
work as Grand Wizard takes him all over the country. Those that know him think that's hilarious. Those that don't know me well enough to smile at the joke. But I still think they wonder.

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