Sunday, September 04, 2005

so you wondered why I blog....

I blog for a couple of reasons. First, I told my husband that I would. He wanted me to
blog while he was gone so that he could "drop in" when I wasn't available
on the phone. He's also got a blog, so I can do the same. It's a way to
check in with myself as well. I blog as a way of clarifying what I'm thinking and feeling,
recording what I'm doing so I know that I'm doing something with my day.
(Sometimes it feels like I'm not doing anything, so it's helpful to have the big list of what
gets done and re-done.) I also blog so that in case I don't have time to write personal
letters to everyone I know (an ever-widening circle), they can still check in
on me and keep in touch. It gives me a way to continue to have those dorm
room conversations with college friend (most of whom drop by and
then write me e-mails rather than comments), so that's nice. And I am
hopeful (though not counting on it) that I'll attract a new circle of bright
and articulate minds to talk to and argue with and learn from. I like to write.
I like to think. I have family responsibilities right now that make real-time
socializing pretty difficult. So blogging is a pretty good answer for me.


bridgett said...

I wonder if I'm getting this interesting sex-related spam because I used the word porn in yesterday's post?

...jg said...

I'm sure it didn't hurt your chance of getting noticed...but a lot of my friends who have blogs have been getting pelted with such messages lately. I think blogs are just the lastest front in the spam wars.

jo(e) said...

You do know how to delete the spam, right? Just click on the garbage can symbol ....

bridgett said...


Which garbage can symbol? Where?

John H said...

There should be a garbage can at the bottom of that spam can click on that and 'dump' the spam.

What age people are you teaching? It sounds really interesting.

bridgett said...


Thanks so much for telling me about the garbage can. I guess I'm not too observant.

My students range in age -- most between 18-24, with maybe 15% falling into what the admissions office call "non-traditional" or over-30. I like the mix. I'm also teaching at a school where women outnumber men by a wide margin, but not in my particular discipline. So my intro classes are mostly women, then my upper-division classes become mostly men.

imfunnytoo said...

Yo! Late to the discussin' as per usual.