Thursday, January 19, 2006


I just lost a huge post. It boiled down to:

1) walking to school in the sleet sucked for everyone, but helped me segue into teaching about pre-Columbian societies (how climate, geography, etc influence culture/economics);

2) the encounter with "that student" -- you know, the person who pumps your e-mail box full with double-copied messages (which I really will have to blog about more at length);

3) the encounter with Hotwheels, a student with spinocerebellar ataxia/rigidity who initially thought she was in my class but was misdirected by Student Disabiltiy Services. They assumed that because I'm known around campus as an academic advocate for such students, she must be in my class. Yes, they really are that bad and yes, this campus really is
that unenlightened. We're working on it. Unfortunately, I'll have to catch her and her excellent sassy notetaker, Shyanne, on the flip side, since she's going to be taking British history this term;

4) My ode to coffee, my drug of choice. That boiled down to a pathetic demonstration of what an addict I am, although
I also gently slagged off on my Ghanian colleague's skills as a barista;

5) Various department and faculty meetings, and my gratitude at having these to go to warring with my ire that
I have to go to these.

6) Happily looking forward to picking up tickets to go see Marshall Crenshaw and recalling his and other great
live shows that I saw during my heavy concert-going days. (With special reference to Elvis Costello, Oingo
Boingo, etc.) Motherhood pretty much dinged that, which is ok. MC is going to appear in an auditorium,
though, so I can take Kid.

Anyhow, that was the gist of it. I'm still alive. What's up with you all?

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imfunnytoo said...


So coffee is still your thing?...I'm going to be taking up peppermint teas with a vengeance and other herbals, since caffiene is on the long list of Hell No Not Anymore I Dont...

My last concert was awhile ago...april of 2000

Tina Turner....

Just amazing.

She *walks* with more strength that all of her backround girls and their mad aerobics on stage.

I dunno when my next concert will be. I'm hoping for a classical one when I head to the Midwest for an August weekend this summer.

House is clean, computer is running, and just got back from my favorite Denver eatery, a place called Racines that has a bit of everything for egg some sourdough toast and juice.