Saturday, January 21, 2006

Always Christmas in my room...

I recently installed two strings of white Christmas lights in my room. Kid is currently in the midst of a long
pretend in which we are both poor orphans living in an open-air market in Marseilles. The lights were
my playful attempt to establish some atmosphere by putting up cafe-esque lighting. I like the soft
indirect glow and don't mind that it makes my bedroom look like the inside of a single-wide
trailer minus the deer head (cue Gretchen Wilson). In fact, I like the indirect lighting so much
and it is just bright enough to keep me alert but dim enough to make me feel relaxed that
I DON'T SEEM TO BE CAPABLE OF GOING TO SLEEP. Four nights in a row, much later
than I usually would be up. When I get up at 4 to finish my class prep, I plug them in and
I'm good to go, alert and productive even if I went to bed after midnight. Have I found
the secret to derailing the mid-winter blues?


listmaker said...

I think you're on to something. My ceiling height lemon tree sits next to my computer. It's decked out in little white Christmas lights. When I'm feeling down or sleepy I turn them on, light a scented candle, put some music on and I'm good for hours.

I like Kid's imagination.

bridgett said...

I wouldn't know who she takes her whimsy after. I probably don't have to say that we don't have cable and rarely watch TV, right? The story is actually far more elaborate than I've blogged. We're on the run from Barcelona to Marseille and have hidden in a Mediterranean ferry because we don't want to be split up. And we might be on our way to Corsica next (depends on if the bad guys show up again, but so far we're doing ok). I suggested a sidetrip to Provence but was nixed. One of her "aunts" -- grad school colleagues -- does research about medieval Languedoc, but I can't remember ever telling Kid anything about southern France. She must be reading maps again.

listmaker said...

LOL - "She must be reading maps again." That sounds like something AdultSon would have done at her age. One of the best things we did for our kids when they were young was ban cable from house (never mind that we couldn't afford it).

Neal said...

I'll have to try Christmas lights to fend off the always winter blues.

jo(e) said...

I love white Christmas lights. I am tempted to string some up in my home office.