Monday, November 27, 2006

Even when I am super-tired

...I find that I can't watch dumb TV. I know, some people do it to be ironic. Others find it soothing. I would rather do anything (like think "aha, you know, I know nothing about Jainism...I should look that up..." (true story. Just did that.)) than
stare vacantly at The Bachelor - Rome Edition. Or Fashion House. Or even "good TV" like House. Too bad. I like Hugh Laurie, but I don't think I'll ever feel intrinsically healthy enough to watch that show.

It's not that everything has to be edifying. Hell, I have watched the movie "The Cutting Edge" TWICE and liked it both times, so it's not that I'm all so highbrow. I just think I have a narrow spectrum of what I find interesting these days. That worries me some, as I fear that I will someday wind up being so quirky in my tastes that I will be cut off from sharing enthusiasms
with the other people in my life. Oh well. There will always be football, I guess. Thank god for books. And staring at
sleeping cats is kind of nice.

This is me, sneaking back into blogging. It is far more fun to read and comment on other people's stuff than it is to write my own.


imfunnytoo said...

Heh caught you at it.

I have to offset any lowbrow viewing with PBS each day...or I don't feel worthy of the occasional lowbrow slumming.

listmaker said...

Hey! It's good to see you back! I'm with you on the television viewing; there's very little I'll sit through(except Project Runway, which totally surprised me. CollegeDaughter got me hooked on it before she left for London and I watched it 'til the bitter end. But, at least it's about sewing and not who can eat the most disgusting thing. But, I digress.). There's little that pains me more than being subjected to the morning coffee talk about the previous evening's shows.

And, I totally agree with you about the mesmerizing effect of sleeping cats. I miss mine very much.

Exador said...

I am SO with you on the mind-numbing TV. Mrs Schwartz will sit, drooling, watching the most inane sitcom on the weekends. She considers it cuddling time, or some such nonsense. I finally make the announcement that "I'm losing IQ points, watching this crap", and storm off to either read online or DO something.