Friday, November 04, 2005

Home and Work. (That really should read "Work and Work")

Today is a soup day. Today is a baking bread day. Today is laundry and vacuuming and dusting and preparing for the weekend day. Today is a raking day. Today is a sorting day. Today is a bill-paying, where did all the money go, robbing Peter to pay Paul and Sam and Bob day. Today is a mopping and getting the dust-collecters out of Kid's room day, which means that it's also a "figure out where to put this stuff and I don't mean dump it on the front porch" day.

But, today is also a grading day. And a planning day. And a meeting day. And a teaching/tutoring day (the better to forestall more meetings with crying students later next week). And a writing lecture day. In other words, a more than full day
at the office before anything gets touched in the house.

And finally, today is a take Kid to the library day. And go swimming with her day. And maybe try to get in one more walk in the leaves before it gets cold and laugh about her awful Friday because Fridays are always for some reason more
socially difficult (maybe all the kids are tired). And finally it will be a "watch a movie in a clean house with the candles lit and their glow making a dull reflection on the surface beneath them" night.

I know that I won't get it all done, and even if I do, there will be no brass band and Congressional commission to award me my "most excellent mother/scholar" medal. But it would be nice, on these last gold days of fall, to be a little less obligated.

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listmaker said...

Oh, I hear you Bridgett. I hope you got enough done to feel satisfied, but not so much that you're exhausted and can't enjoy the weekend with Kid. What you describe is the frustration we all feel, that at the end of the day we can't point to one thing and say, "there, that's finished," because tomorrow the same things will need to done again.