Sunday, May 08, 2005

Setting the Blog World on Fire....

Ok, obviously not. Shit happened. My dad died on April 15th and talking to nobody seemed a
pretty low priority. I am more or less reserving this space in case I get hit with the witty and
relevant stick in the next couple of months.

Today I went to see the Mary Wilson Dress Collection at the Albany Institute of History and Art.
I loved the Supremes as a child and it was fun to take my own daughter through the collection
of gowns. Happy Mother's Day -- I discovered I'm raising a kid that I like to be around.

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Adam said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my young and evolving blog. I can't yet tell whether blogging is a sign of virtue or a sign of neuroticism. Perhaps this will become clearer with time.

Thanks for the Irving tips. The two you mentioned have been suggested to me by several people in the past week.

Very sorry to hear about your father.